About Me

I love real estate. But I hate talking about myself. Nonetheless, my advice to homebuyers and sellers would be “learn as much as you can about your agent,” so here goes.

Some people say I’m a black and white guy. I admit I do like to gather all the facts before making any important decisions.

And while I like to have a laugh, go to a Canes game or grill and chill as much as the next guy, I’m not here to be my client’s best friend. I’m here to give the best possible advice about buying, selling or investment in property.

I spend as much time researching and writing about trends, taxes, schools and neighborhoods as I do showing homes or helping people get their property ready for market. While intuition has its place in any enterprise, I place my trust in a thorough approach.

Let’s put it another way: it can’t hurt to have all the information.

I’m proud to be a licensed agent and broker associate with the fourth largest real estate company in the nation:

I’m also associated and accredited with the following organizations:

Before real estate, I owned a business in the construction industry. I’m not a home inspector, but I have been known to crawl under a house.

I live in Cary, NC with my beautiful wife of 35 years.

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